contributed by Stephani Rabbitheart
Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:36 am

Villagers & Heroes will bring all our servers down in 20 minutes. This small update will fix the following problems:
- Fixed a bug preventing players from dragging-and-dropping account-bound items into their outfit.
- Don't allow players to drag-and-drop into a village vault tab, since it was buggy.
- Fixed a bug that was giving players 10x gold for bounty rewards
contributed by Stephani Rabbitheart
Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:07 pm


The 2014 Halloween Pack will be coming to Villagers & Heroes this week. Here is what it will include.


contributed by Marisol
Sat Oct 18, 2014 1:33 pm

Tiberius has let us know about a few fixes that were made to this week's new content.

This small update changes the following things:


  • Rank names from one village were leaking to other villages. Each village should now have their own correct rank names.

  • In some circumstances, the mayor couldn't change the rank of certain villagers.

Spooky Druda

  • Greatly reduced the amount of health Druda has

  • Reduced the amount of damage she does

  • Fixed a bug that was causing all stuns to be a 100% chance against her, now she is very resistant to stuns

  • She now has a small arsenal of AOE abilities: Fire Blast, Shadow Blast, Inferno, and Contagion


  • Greatly reduced the amount of health they have

  • Lowered their damage

  • Fixed a bug that was causing them to get stunned consistently, they now are resistant to stuns

  • They have a smaller chance to spawn now

Source: Villagers & Heroes Official Forum
contributed by Hayley
Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:22 pm

Free Template Storage

  • Any templates that have been successfully submitted to Player Studio, or have been flagged as a Winner in a competition no longer count against your Voxel Storage.

Bug Fixes

  • The Combat section of Keybindings is now available.

  • Removed the energy cost for the Grappling Hook.

  • Run Speed is now correctly set to 13 when out of combat.

  • Addressed an issue where you couldn't swim on the surface of the water.

  • The Slayer's Vest can now be crafted at the Tech Forge.

  • Removed the Keybind reference from the Grappling Hooks item description.

  • You can now enable / disable the Grappling Hook icon.

  • Fixed an issue where your equipped armor would disappear when equipping a Grappling Hook.

  • Armor and Outfits will no longer overlap when logging out or zoning.

  • You can now raise / lower Claim Volumes during placement with CTRL + Mouse Wheel.

  • Increased the angle at which you jump when using the Boots of Bounding and Leaper's Launchers. This should alleviate some instances of the jump ending prematurely when standing on an incline.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Guild Chat not to work correctly.

  • Entering Tweak mode with a prop on your cursor is now set to CTRL + Left Click, by default.

  • Multiplace / Duplicate was moved to ALT + Left Click.
contributed by Ravix
Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:18 am

Tomorrow there will be another huge patch and there will be many changes. Make sure to read it all!

We are calling this build the "Player Request" Build. Almost all of these changes come directly from player requests we have received. Additionally, this build features the Halloween Event!



  • Spooky town is open for business, and all of the ghosts and ghouls are up to no good!

  • Spooky town is now a level scaled event. All players of all levels are welcome.

  • There are 3 special event outfits that can be earned in Spooky Town. You must figure out how and where to get such treasures. Mipou in Ardent City will gladly trade a full costume set for a gnogmenting pack if you wish to keep the outfit forever!

Village Politics

  • In every village, the Mayor is now elected by the village's citizens.
    • All villagers can now access the Village Ballot from the village window in the Menu, allowing them to pick a mayoral candidate to vote for. They can change their vote or choose to abstain at any time.

    • Also, any villager can run for Mayor, and will appear on the Ballot for other players to vote for.

    • On the first of each month, votes are tallied, and the candidate with the highest number of votes becomes the Mayor. In case of ties, the most senior candidate is chosen.

    • After the election, the candidates and votes are saved. You do not need to rerun for Mayor or vote again, they will persist until you change them.

  • The Mayor now has the power to assign and revoke ranks to the individual citizens from the Village Roster.
    • Each rank has certain privileges attached:
      • Naming Rights: permission to rename the village and change the village slogan.

      • Common Vault Access: access to the normal village vaults. (However, all villagers can always access the very first village vault.)

      • Reserved Vault Access: access to certain special village vaults marked by the Mayor.

    • The Mayor can also rename the ranks.

  • If the Mayor resigns or cannot remain Mayor for any reason, an emergency election is called for three days later, and King Leo immediately selects a Mayor pro-tempore for the mean time.

  • The village roster has been improved, allowing players to whisper to or friend fellow villagers.

  • There is now a village project to increase the size of the Village Vault. It can be upgraded ten times, expanding its size by up to 6x!

Outfit trader in Ardent City

  • Added an event outfit trader to Ardent City. Players can take their newly aquired outfits from events (example: Desert Nomad's Orchid Attire) and can trade the entire set in for a gnogment pack to use forever. You must have all four pieces, and each piece must be unspoiled (it cannot be gnogmented to another item)! The trader will remain in Ardent City always, so while the event may close, players with the correct items can make the trade at any time.

Auction House Changes

We have made some changes to help the Auction House be a more powerful tool for players.

  • When a player starts an auction, the item no longer remains locked in their inventory. Instead the item is taken from the player and no longer clogs up space

  • If the auction succeeds, the buyer receives the item, if the auction fails, the seller will receive the item back in the mail.

  • Auction fees have changed. There is now a 2% listing deposit. This gold is taken from the player when the auction is started. If the auction is a success, the deposit is returned. If the auction fails, the gold is taken as a fee.

  • There is a 3% sales fee for using the auction house as well, if the auction is a success, 3% of the sale price is taken from the player out of the earnings. If the auction is a failure, there is no sales fee.

  • All gold earned from auctions, or returned bids, will now be deposited to the players mailbox along with a letter describing the details of the transaction.
    We hope these changes encourage players to sell and utilize the auction house more aggressively.

Gold Squish

  • We are 'squishing' player gold into a new currency system. Players will now have a mixture of gold, silver, and copper.
    • 100 Copper = 1 Silver

    • 100 Silver = 1 Gold

  • All gold costs and player gold will remain exactly the same, but will be converted to this new system

  • With the gold numbers being smaller, we can more clearly display gold on the user interface, and players will be able to grasp and understand gold numbers more effectively. Additionally, we feel this system is more flavorful and immersive for our world.

  • It is important to note: No player gold or costs are changing! This is purely in how the gold is displayed! A player may think they have lost gold, but it will simply be converted. Example: If a player has 1,500,352 gold before this patch, after the new system they will have 150 gold, 3 silver, and 52 copper.

Outfit GUI changes

We added a small toggle button next to the hat slot in the outfit GUI. Toggling this button will change whether or not your avatar appears to be wearing their hat. This is so players can receive all of the benefits of a hat, but do not have to visually have one, and can instead have their face and hair revealed.

Added a Realm Traverser (free travel) to Lake Kiwa

Gardening Improvements

  • Watering your crops now grants bonus XP that scales based on the amount of XP the crop grants (was a static 10xp before)

  • Planting your crops now grants bonus XP that scales with level (was a static 10xp before)

  • Added a special effect and sound when a player gets an abundant harvest. It also floats a message up stating the bonus received

  • Removed the crop 'Wheat' that had no in game purpose and was buggy

  • The price of high level exotic seeds (not flowers, herbs, or regular seeds) has gone up slightly

  • Fixed a bug with the duration on certain high level crops:
    • Banshee's Kurrat: Is now correctly a 22 hour crop

    • Hasty Banshee's Kurrat: Is now correctly a 2 hour crop

    • Belldrop: Is now correctly a 9 hour crop

    • Hasty Belldrop: Is now correctly a 20 min crop

  • Fixed some bugs with icons and 3d imagery of certain flowers:
    • Marigolds, Pansies, Golden Eye, Mums, and Amber Roses.

    • The above list includes regular, magic, and hasty variants.

Character Create tweaks

  • The game now starts in fullscreen mode by default.

  • Adjusted the default head, hair, and face options to be the nicer ones.

  • Hide some of the top-bar buttons that aren't important while in character create.

Level 30-40 Content

  • Several players have commented that this level range is difficulty to level in and is a point of frustration for a lot of players. To help add more content, we added over 100 bounties to zones in this level range.

  • Additionally, the following zones had a visual update, making them look cleaner and more magical:
    • Gloomspar's Umbrage

    • Hungry Troll Cave

    • Tavern Basement

    • Old Verda

    • Wizard School - Dorm

    • Rackabone's Peak

    • Rackabone's Cave

    • Hogfish Mine

    • Cook Cavern

    • Wizard School - Lab

    • Crystal Quarry

    • Spider City

    • Minotaur Lairs

Cleaned up some of the high level sheep particle emitters


  • Beyurru now only summons a pounder once every 10 seconds instead of 8

  • Beyurru only summons 2 pounders to guard the bridge instead of 3

  • Beyurru's pounders should be less inclined to go Aegis!


We worked on the spice cost of breakfasts. Slightly increasing the cost at lower levels, and greatly reducing the cost at higher levels.

Frederich's Guile

Improved the crafting jewelry proficiency Frederich's Guile. This proficiency wasn't scaling well, we have boosted it across the board.

Bounty bosses drops

Bounty bosses no longer drop lucky gems since each player is given a gold reward already for completing the bounty.

Medallion key prices

We tweaked some of the medallion key prices. The goal with these changes is for lower level zones to be more open to players as they play through. As level cap is continually raised and more content added, the lower medallion zones will continue to be lowered in price:
  • In Traven, all of the prices were reduced by a substantial amount. Lower level zones (Rega, Vega, etc.) were lowered more, higher level zones (Future Ardent) were lowered less.

  • The price to trade Traven medallions up for one another was reduced to a 3:1 price (used to be 5:1). Pyrron trade values remain the same.

  • Pyrron 1 dungeons were lowered in price by a small amount. Pyrron 2 dungeons were not touched.
    Shadow Fated gear had its medallion price reduced, additionally, a version of shadow fated outfits can now be purchased with gold from a new vendor standing next to the old one.

Amount of mails per day

We boosted the amount of mail per day a player can mail to 25.

We changed how missing in gathering works

  • Before, if you were lower gathering skill than the node, you had between a 1% and 50% chance for a success. If you were at level or greater, you had between an 83% and 95% chance for a success.

  • Now, if you are below the level of the node, you have between a 1% and 90% chance, depending on how close in level you are. If you are at level or greater you will never miss (i.e. "Find Nothing.")

Bounty Scaling and Party XP

We worked a lot on encouraging team play, regardless of level difference
  • Bounty Scaling
    • Before, a person would get 4x for a challenging bounty, 2x for a moderate bounty, and 1x for a easy bounty.

    • We have changed this by merging challenging and moderate together in one group with a 4x ratio. All easy bounties will now be a 2x ratio. We hope this gives higher level players a slightly better incentive to drop into lower level zones to help a friend and run with a party.

  • The combat XP gained from killing a Zingara is no longer penalized if you are higher level than the Zingara. Happy hunting.

  • Party XP:
    • We changed how party XP works for normal mobs

    • Before, there was a bunch of fancy math that gave higher or lower level players certain bonuses. After this was calculated, it divided the base amount of experience between party members based on these percentages, and the level of the highest player.

    • After these changes, if you are in a party, you get 50% reduced XP period. Regardless of party size. This number is then scaled to the player individually, not to the party as a whole. This means in general, players in party will be getting a lot more experience than before.

    • This is a bit complicated, so I will explain with an example:
      • Lets say a level 20 enemy would give 200 experience to a level 30 player. If the player killed the enemy by themselves, they would get 200 experience. This has not changed.

      • If they were in a group with a level 75 player, then before these changes the level 30 player would get just a smidgen of XP. If there were a lot of people in the group, then this smidgen would get reduced even further.

      • Now instead, that level 30 player gets 50% reduced XP, so 100xp. This won't change if the party is 2,3,4,5 or 6 players, they will always get their same 100xp.

    • The higher level players will still receive less because of the the level difference between themselves and the enemy, but this no longer penalizes the low level player.

Earn free crowns!

You can now complete surveys and help research projects in exchange for free crowns in Villagers and Heroes. You can find it in the item shop by clicking the "Earn More Crowns" button. *However, per our contract with Steam, Steam players will be unable to participate in these surveys.

Lucky Cards

When you have Lucky Cards available to use, a Lucky Cards icon is now shown near the minimap.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing friends' hair in the Friends window to sometimes be shale-colored.

  • Fixed: Kumari wouldn't let you turn in her quest if you killed scratcher yesterday

  • Fixed a float plant in traven: -401 290 118

  • Kumari: Capitalized R in “Rat catcher” the first time she uses the phrase. Lowercase the second time.

  • Linolia: various grammatical errors were fixed with her dialog.

  • Guard Tutall asks for 20 small fangs, but the quest can be completed with only 10.

  • Centurion Grigor should say “ore” instead of “rock.”

  • Fixed an issues that was causing Shadow Fated zones to frequently crash

Source: Villagers & Heroes Official Forum
contributed by Marisol
Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:06 am

Diet has posted this announcement on the Villagers and Heroes forum:

Hello everyone!

As you all know Halloween is just around the corner, and of course Spooky Druda and the other denizens of Spooky Town are up to no good! As with other holidays, we will be releasing several brand new Halloween costumes, along with putting all of our previous Halloween outfits in the item shop.

While the Halloween build is going up shortly, the costumes will not go on sale until early next week. However, we are posting up prematurely about this matter because of a slightly peculiar thing we are going to be doing.

As always with new outfits, we will be releasing a new Steam DLC (short for: downloadable content) item that contains all of the treats and goodies, as well as an equivalent item in our item shop. The exact contents and details of the pack are displayed further below. As you can see, there is a lot of value in this pack. Some of the items may be overlap for some players, but even with that overlap, most players will find value in this pack.

This pack will be sold as a DLC on steam for 19.99 USD, and the equivalent item will be 349 crowns in our item shop. However, for the first week we will be running a sale on Steam for 80% off, causing the price to drop to 3.99 USD. However, our item shop version will not go on sale, and will remain 349 crowns.

The reason for this is because of Steam’s new system in populating our game in their store. In order to have our items show up at the top of lists, we need to not only release new DLC, we need to also sell that DLC. So we are doing a test with our 2014 Halloween pack. We are selling the content for very cheap at a loss to us (that we deem as a marketing expense), in hopes that our game then becomes populated onto several top slots, thus providing us with more users.

Now, we realize that this would be unfair to a lot of players. So we have taken a few steps to maintain fairness.

  • First and foremost, the DLC will be tradable! Any user can buy the item off of Steam for the discounted price, and then trade the item to any friend, village mate, or even their main account. To do this you will have to create a steam account (which is free). Players can then buy the pack for $3.99, and trade the item off to whoever they wish.

  • To facilitate in this, there will be a special in-game ad that will be displayed that directs players how to do this, and eases the steps. Once the process is complete, a non-Steam player can have the exact benefits of the Halloween pack for the low discounted price.

  • Wild Tangent Users: There will be one small exception, only available for Wild Tangent users. If you are a Wild Tangent player, you will be able to purchase the item shop version of the 2014 Halloween pack for an 80% discounted crown price. This is because of some technical and legal limitations, and is only available for Wild Tangent players.

Our hope is that through the increased sale of our DLC pack on Steam, our game will rise back to the top of some lists, and in turn we will get more people playing the game that you all love and care about.
We will maintain this thread open for questions before and after the launch of the Halloween event.

Thank you everyone for your understanding and cooperation, and of course… Happy Halloween!

2014 Halloween Pack Contents
This pack contains the following costume sets: Each costume set comes with the costume, as well as a Gnogmenting pack that permanently unlocks the outfit for all characters on your entire account!

  • Spider Witch Costume + 2 hat variations + Gnogmenting pack

  • Batty Witch Costume + 2 hat variations + Gnogmenting pack

  • Sugar Sweet Witch Costume + 2 hat variations + Gnogmenting pack

  • Ghostly Witch Costume + 2 hat variations + Gnogmenting pack

  • Angel of Light Costume + Gnogmenting pack

  • Angel of Death Costume + Gnogmenting pack

  • Angel of the Inferno Costume + Gnogmenting pack

  • Angel of Candy Costume + Gnogmenting pack

  • The Spooky Mask Collection: You will receive one of each of the following masks, plus each mask's appearance will be unlocked on your entire account.

    • Sheep Mask, Wolf Mask, Dummy Mask, Clown Mask, Target Mask, Cave Brute Mask, Bog Frog Mask, Razorback Mask, Troll Mask, Chicken Mask

Additionally, this pack contains the following starter items:

  • Extra bag space*: Permanently unlock the 5th bag slot (an extra 30 slots of inventory space!) for your entire account, including current and future characters.
  • Experience Boost*: Boost your hero’s rate of experience by an extra 50% for an entire month!
  • A generous assortment of various consumable items:

    • 10 Full Health Potions

    • 10 Full Spirit Potions

    • 5 Instant Resurrects

    • 5 Gnogmenting Sockets

* The 5th bag slot will be unlocked on all future and current characters. Characters that already have the fifth bag slot opened (by purchasing the bag or the Hero of the Elders pack) will not receive any extra inventory space.
* This experience bonus does not stack with Ardent Society Memberships
contributed by Stephani Rabbitheart
Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:39 am


Receive $5 off when you purchase any of the SOE pre-paid game cards at GameStop*, valid October 13th - October 28th, 2014.

For more on what's included on the Landmark specific cards, visit this link:

*This promotion is valid at US GameStop locations only.
contributed by Stephani Rabbitheart
Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:33 am

The Harrowing Nightmare
Pack is BACK!


From now until November 2nd, we have not one but two super spooky Halloween hoard packs in the Crown Shop! Return to the old favorite, the Nightmare Pack, or try your chance at epic new items in the new Harrowing Nightmare Pack.

This new Halloween pack has familiar favorites plus cool new items your Wizard has a chance of receiving.

  • Harrowing Wings Mounts in 3 Color Variations

  • Harrowed Bones Pet

  • Halloween Guitar Weapons

  • Nightfall, Nighttide and Midnight Torment Gear

  • Many more wicked items!


This original Nightmare Pack gives your Wizard a chance at tons of eerie Halloween items including..

  • Nightmare Mount

  • Dragontooth Armor

  • Darkwraith Armor

  • Vampire Pet

  • Nightmare Pet

  • And many more spooktacular items!

contributed by Stephani Rabbitheart
Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:05 am

Update Notes for Landmark 10/14/2014
Posted by Felgon on the Official Landmark forums.

Heroic Movement Changes
There have been significant changes to the way Heroic Movement works. Please see the separate post below for specifics.
Weapon Adjustments and Armor
There have been significant changes to the weapons that are currently available. We're also introducing Armor for the first time! Please see the separate post below for specifics.
Default Controls and Keybindings
There have been significant changes to the default controls and Keybindings. Please see the separate post below for specifics.

We're introducing a new slot on your Character Sheet this update - The Appearance Outfit.
This slot lets you use any outfit that you might have, as a visual override to the armor you're equipping.
This means you can use any of the cool outfits you got from your Trailblazer Packs, or from the Marketplace, while still equipping combat armor!
Heroic Movement Ruleset Restrictions
You can now decide to limit what Heroic Movement abilities are used in your PVP matches.
This includes:
Multi Jump
Grappling Hook

We're currently experiencing issues with our settings on the High Jump restriction (Lunar Treads, Leaper's Launchers, Neon Blitzing Boots) so we've removed it for now. We'll add this setting in a future update.

UI Changes
The Action Bar has a new look! Internally, we are currently in the midst of a full UI redesign. This will include both UI skinning, as well as different functionality. We'll be releasing these in chunks as they are ready, but for now please enjoy the newer, cleaner Action Bar.
Also of note: we've added the ability to lock the action bar.
New Materials
In preparation for future Workshop competitions, we have a large number of new materials for you!
Small Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
Medium Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
Large Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
Intricate Stone Slabs
Intricate Stone Cut
Horizontal Stone Intricate Trim
Horizontal Stone Intricate Trim Small
Vertical Dull Stone Geometric Trim
Horizontal Dull Stone Geometric Trim
Geometric Stone Floor Tile
Geometric Stone Pavers
Oxeblood Rough Cloth
Vertical Dull Bronze Geometric Trim
Horizontal Dull Bronze Geometric Trim
Dull Bronze
Dull Horizontally Banded Bronze
Dull Vertically Banded Bronze
Dull Hammered Bronze
Dull Bronze Panels
Dull Riveted Bronze
Horizontal Brass Intricate Trim
Oxidized Brass
Hammered Brass
Vertical Dull Iron Geometric Trim
Horizontal Dull Iron Geometric Trim
Dull Dark Iron
Dull Horizontally Banded Dark Iron
Dull Vertically Banded Dark Iron
Dull Dark Iron Hammered Metal
Dull Dark Iron Panels
Dull Riveted Dark Iron
Worn Dark Iron
Dull Iron Hammered Metal
Crusted Lava
Please note that since Lava does not exist in a biome at this time, it will simply use Stone as a resource. Once lava can be found in the world, we'll move it over to use that resource.


Bug Fixes
Previously, the Spire would not always teleport you on the first click. This should no longer occur.
Fixed an issue where the Translocation Pad would fail if placed on a vertical surface.
Interactable props that have an on / off, should now work more reliably.
Addressed an issue that would cause the General Chat tab to be unusable, if you logged out with it active.
Logging out on the spire should no longer result in you being under the spire when logging back in.
Removed the option to Duplicate a Game Table, since you can't have more than one on a claim anyway.
You can now teleport to your Game Props, even if you're standing in a claim that does not contain a Game Prop.
Game Props can be brought out and placed even if you're not in a claim that currently has a Game Prop.
Addressed an issue that was causing a gap between the Moving Platform and their docks.
Fixed the Flame FX on the SOE Live 2014 prop.
Kill Bonus and Death Penalty options should now work correctly.
Fixed an issue where Double Jumping at the end of a front roll animation would cause the player to float.
Your player will now appropriately slide down inclines.
Added audio to the Gothic Gates.
The chat tab should now default to "Chat" upon login, not Combat or Loot.
The Yellow Spotlight should no longer show candles as a lightsource.
You can now use the Smooth Tool when under the ocean. We're still working on this functionality for smoothing under user placed voxel water.
Fixed the collision on all rope props. Previously, their collision was about twice as large as the model itself.

To read more about the specifics of this update you can find out more HERE.
contributed by Stephani Rabbitheart
Thu Oct 09, 2014 4:42 pm

Posted by Felgon on the Official Landmark Forums.

  • We've addressed a few issues in regards to the area surrounding the spire.

  • That area will now properly suppress procedural props.

  • You can no longer mine / harvest in this area.

  • You can no longer place a claim in this area.

  • If you do happen to see a claim that has been placed over a Spire, please stand in the offending claim and type /reportclaim. Our CS crew will take care of it!

  • We've fixed a couple issues that could prevent teleporters from working correctly. There are definitely some remaining issues with Teleporters, and we hope to address these in a future update.

  • Previously a pasted volume would default to rotate - it should now default to translate.

  • We have also increased the capacity of personal storage for raw resources to 900,000 up from 100,000. Also expanded the capacity of vault raw resource storage to 500,000, up from 100,000

  • Please note that in the future, the expansion of personal storage will be unlocked via Progression / Achievements. This is a temporary increase for Closed Beta.

  • We've added some logging in an attempt to catch the odd issues that people are seeing with Props disappearing on their claims, and with Chests in general. This should let us gather some good data in order to squash these bugs once and for all.

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