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Wizard101 Turns 6!

Contributed by Brooke Emeraldflame
Sat Aug 30, 2014 10:02 am

Posted on the official Wizard101 Website:

Now throughout the month of September, celebrate our 6th Birthday with free items, sales and much more!

Our dear Wizards! We are so excited to share yet another birthday year with you all. You are the driving life force behind the game, and we're grateful for the time you choose to spend in the Spiral! To honor our 6th birthday, we've got a glorious cake full of surprises for you! Each week a new candle will reveal a cool free item giveaway...

Today: Birthday Gala Gazebo Housing Item!

To celebrate our birthday, we're giving
everyone a Birthday Gala Gazebo! Redeem
this cool housing item today for your
Wizard101 birthday party.

Image Image


Special offers all month long!
Make sure you check back throughout September for special birthday deals and offers!


Catch the Mystery Birthday Fish! Image

There's a rare new fish in town creeping in the waters of the Spiral. It's only here during the Wizard101 birthday celebration month... can you catch it?

Wizardd101 | Bundle-a-Palooza!

Contributed by Mew
Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:49 pm

25% and 50% OFF All Online Bundles!

Now through September 7th 2014 it's Bundle-a-Palooza!

For the first Bundle-a-Palooza ever, we are bringing back all online bundles in the online cart! You can save 25% or 50% OFF each online bundle.*

Bundles at 50% OFF
◾Pagoda Gauntlet

Bundles at 25% OFF
◾Hawk Rider

Hurry, this sale is for a limited time only. Bundle-a-Palooza ends Sunday, September 7th 2014 at 11:59pm US Central Time.

*Discounts are not applicable for gift certificates.

Wizard101 | Test Realm is LIVE!

Contributed by Brooke Emeraldflame
Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:43 pm

Posted on the Official Wizard101 Website:

Test Realm is ONLINE!
This update gives the Crown Shop a makeover, Quest Log sorting and a new Restore Original Castle button for Arcane Builders. And good news, the Spiral Cup Gauntlet is no longer Friends only!

Read more in the Test Realm update notes.

There are various updates that are in Test Realm to be tested. One being the Crown Shop revamp as well as several Fishing updates and many misc. updates.

ON: Tuesday Morning (August 26th)
OFF: Wednesday Afternoon (August 27th)
ON: Wednesday Morning (September 3rd)
OFF: Thursday Afternoon (September 4th)
The Test Realm schedule may be expanded beyond the dates above. Stay tuned for more updates regarding scheduling.

Villagers & Heroes Patchnotes 2.32.4 - August 20 2014

Contributed by Ravix
Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:02 am

This patch is what I would consider to be a rather huge update and there are so many exciting and great changes. There are in fact so many changes, that I have had to split them up in separate posts. Check out "Player Release Notes for 2.32.4" for all the changes.

Here are some of them:

New Features and Content

A very large pass at combat was done, including class balance and additional features surrounding combat. These were done to help balance combat and make it increasingly fun and interesting. Coupled with these changes is a huge improvement of social features and the addition of Rapid Crafting!

General Improvements

Shift-clicking while the vault is open now swaps an item into or out of the vault, and shift-clicking while a vendor is open quickly sells an item.

This includes "Rapid Crafting": You can craft in bulk if you have the resources you need and you can specify how many items you want to craft.

Weapons now have two additional paid gnogmentation sockets both for feats/spells and for abilities, bringing the total to seven.

Chat Improvements

The friends window now has buttons to quickly mail or whisper to a friend.

Some group commands now work even on players in different zones. They are used as follows:
/friend add King Leo
/friend remove Banshee Queen
/invite Calypso
/ginvite Marat

Combat Improvements

The changes include; "Bounty Assists", "Combat UI Improvements", "Damage over time effects can now critically strike", "All epic Elder feats and spells" and more!

Spell Fusing

We have added spell fusing! Spell fusing is the ability for classes to work together, combining certain powers (fusing) to create more powerful effects. This first implementation of this system has only a few 'recipes' but more to come later!

Class Changes

In general, the changes focused on a few areas; "Balance", "Fun skills and play styles", "Developing more options for each class to choose from so that each class has several different ways they can specialize", "No repeat talents (on talent trees and weapons/armor)", "Fixing critical issues with each class".

For more information about the changes to the different classes check these posts:

Wizard Summary and Changes
Priest Summary and Changes
Warrior Summary and Changes
Hunter Summary and Changes

Bug Fixes

You can find out all about the bug fixes here:

Bugs Fixed - 2.32.4

The source for this information is: Villagers & Heroes - Player Release Notes for 2.32.4

V&H Summer Sale - Housing Items

Contributed by Stephani Rabbitheart
Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:42 pm

Villagers & Heroes Summer Sale


Check out the newest sales in the Crown Shop on Villagers & Heroes. Today's sales are for Housing items. The sale will only last for 3 days starting today, August 18th. If there are items you have been wanting in the housing section now is the time to buy buy buy.
30% of is a great deal.


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