contributed by Marisol
Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:09 am

Tiberius posted about a short downtime this morning, to squash a few bugs.

This is a small patch to fix a few bugs with the last update.
  • Fixed: Outfits are mixed up: elf outfit has santa gloves & boots; and vice versa

  • Fixed: Glacial Spike and Holy Bolt are not working in some zones (but rezoning sometimes makes them work again)

  • Fixed Gentlemen and Lady outfits to not say they can be gifted

  • Fixed: Angel wings were missing their texture

  • Boosted the reward for "The Art of Toymaking"

  • Auto-kicking when trying to gather with 0 vim does not happen until 20 clicks (up from 5)

  • The options button is now available to be clicked even before signing in

  • Changed the "Particle Clipping" slider so its range is the same as the "Object Clipping" and "Creature Clipping" sliders

Unfortunately, after this patch was finished, the Christmas event zone was not working, so the game is in the process of being rebooted again. We will let you know when we hear any more info.

The game is back up, the Christmas zone is working again, and the patch has stomped those bugs.
contributed by Marisol
Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:11 am

Posted by Tiberius on the V&H forum

The Christmas update went live this morning!


    New Features and Content:
  • Christmas is here, and that means the Grintcha has returned to Ardent to spread his own unique style of Cheer and Joy. This time he has brought some of his cronies with him.


  • The color of Whisper was changed to make it more distinct from moderator chat.

  • Necklaces that boost condemn will no longer drop, only necklaces that contain the actual spell will now drop.

  • Pumpkinize should no longer upset citizens of ardent.

  • New "Particle Clipping" and "Light Clipping" advanced graphics sliders for adjusting when particles and lights stop showing.

  • Graphics: The "Object Distance" and "Mob Distance" options in Advanced have been changed to "Object Clipping" and "Creature Clipping" and are now based on pixel screen size. Also, object distance clipping has been generally improved. Some players will see a noticeable improvement to the frame rate.

  • For the packs that provide extra bag space, we made the description accurate (explains which bag is unlocked, and correctly says 30 slots, not 25).

    Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug with block so that now block works correctly even in the world chat channel (hopefully).

  • Fixed: Eating insects no longer causes Ardent Society Membership to disappear until you relog.

  • Fixed a very rare bug that would cause a gfx memory crash on some older cards on Ultra at nighttime (Fizzbin!).

Have a Merry V&H Christmas!
contributed by Brooke Emeraldflame
Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:02 am

Posted on the official Wizard101 Website:

Felix Navidad and your favorite holiday cheer are back!


Yuletide is here again! Felix Navidad is back in the Shopping District with all of his holiday items, plus some of your favorite items from Yuletides past are back in the Crown Shop for the season.

For more information, please follow the link for this thread.
contributed by Layla Littlenymph
Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:11 pm

This past summer, the staff of this forum were encouraged to try a game recommended to us by one of our newer members. I approached this new game, Villagers and Heroes of a Mystical Land, with a certain degree of trepidation. I did not feel at that time that we were likely to find a game that would measure up to the one this forum began with, Free Realms, but I was determined to at least give it a try in the hope that it would mesh well with the theme of this site, and the expectations of its members. As I began to dig into V&H, I discovered to my dismay that I had overlooked one of the most fundamental aspects of what makes most any game a pleasure to play; the community within the game itself. In hindsight, it is a little difficult to overlook the V&H community. While I found the staff and moderators of this game were much in tune with its players, it was that tightly knit community of players itself that drew me in. The players welcomed us without reservation, and were quick to offer us assistance in a variety of ways. I do not think it would be untrue to say that we owe our current presence in this game to that community of fellow players; a community to which we now belong. We made many new friends beginning with our first day, and some of those friends went above and beyond our expectations. I would like to take the time to name them all, but I believe they will gladly stand aside so that I might mention one of those friends in particular.

Starry Knight, known at the Official V&H Forums as Snowy Kat, was among the first to welcome us into the V&H community. It is because of members like her that I became convinced we had found a community worth belonging to.

As most of you know, we lost Starry to illness on the afternoon of December 6th, 2014. Sadly, we did not have much time to get to know Starry, but it does not take much time to understand when you have stumbled across a remarkable person. The owners, staff, and members of the Legends of Mayhem forums would like to take this moment to thank Starry for that which she has left to us. The friendly atmosphere in-game, and at the V&H forums are fueled by the love and efforts of players like Starry. Regardless of where we spend our time, it is the Starry Knights that light our days.

Of all the comments I have seen posted since Starry's passing, this excerpt posted to the V&H forums by Sarah Otter, speaks most clearly.

"This little game exists because of individuals like Starry, keeps us lit – her passion, her analytical critiques, her unending willingness to always help out others. A burning flame has gone out tonight. Thank you, Starry, for sharing your warmth with us." ~Sarah Otter

Sarah tells us the team of "Mad Otter plans on creating an in-game tribute to Starry, so that she will forever be immortalized within Villagers and Heroes."In addition to this, Mad Otter will assist Starry's guild, <Sapphire Dragons> in hosting "The Celebration of Life for Starry Knight," which will be held on Saturday, December 13th at 8 pm EST."

A follow up post will be made to this article on the the Villagers & Heroes board for those seeking additional information.

Our condolences to the family and friends of Starry Knight, and our gratitude to you for sharing her with us. She will be missed, and she will be remembered.

Starry, Starry Night. by Dan McLean.
Quoted excerpts from The Official Villagers and Heroes forum.

contributed by Marisol
Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:09 pm

The holidays are officially on their way in Villagers & Heroes!
The game's version of an Advent Calendar started on December 1st!


That's right, folks... it's now December! So when midnight rolled around in your time zone, the Ardent Holiday Calendar popped up!

Make sure to log in to your account each day, from now through Christmas Eve, December 24th. If the calendar does not pop up for you, you should see an icon for it by the mini-map, with the Shop Bag and Lucky Card icons.

Click on the present for that day and the item will automatically be added to your Inventory bag. Make sure to open it on the character you want to receive it, since it's only one per server and it's not tradeable.

The items have a count-down timer on them, which means you have only one week to use them.

I will be keeping a list of what I receive each day. As far as I can tell right now, the order of the items is random, but I would think that we would each get the same total list of 24. Please feel free to post what you receive, so we can compare.

Happy Holidays!

Attention, all Villagers and Heroes!: :king


V&H Patch #2.36.4 has brought several changes to the game, from the introduction of new items, to changes in the UI, Ranching, Gardening, and general game play; not to mention a long list of bug fixes to smooth game play considerably.

A brief overview of the many changes this patch introduces...

  • Harvest themed goods added to item shop to include a new outfit, consumables, and a weapons gnogmentation pack.

  • Ranching improvements.

  • Gardening changes.

  • Lucky Card improvements, of special importance to those who have purchased the Ardent Society membership.

  • Item Shop changes, to include character makeovers, and access to past seasonal outfits.

  • Elder Fragment changes.

  • Village Vault changes, primarily the addition of a village vault log.

  • Classless Shields, of particular note for those classes for which shields were not previously available.

  • Bounty XP Scaling.

  • User Interface changes

  • Bug Fixes.

Specific details in full, here.
Shortcut to full patch notes, here.
shortcut to Ranch specific changes, here.

source: Villagers & Heroes Official Forum



The following patches have been made due to certain errors that surfaced after the Harvest Update went live.

English Patchnotes 2.37.0 - Wednesday December 3 2014

* Improvements:

  • Changed the zone loading progress to be slightly smoother.

  • Balanced the sale price of the golden sheep. It is now slightly lower.

* Bug Fixes:

  • Blocking
    1. Fixed a problem where the block list was simply not accurate (you can see the block list by typing /block).
    2. Fixed a bug where when someone would invite someone to party, guild, etc., and the gui would offer the options "yes, no, and block", that the block option did not actually work.
    3. Fixed a bug where some of the time when blocked another character who was not nearby, it simply did not work. Now it does.
  • Fixed: insects with the "Sheep Treat" description would cancel the Ardent Society Membership effects until you relogged.
  • One of the shapes in the game (Celestia's Savage Symphonic Bow) did not have a 3D shape defined properly. This was causing anyone who had that bow, AND anyone who came near someone with that bow, to force a verify assets the next time into the game. This has been fixed.
  • We corrected some quests that promised gold rewards using the old system (so the rewards promised were 10,000 higher than in reality).
  • In Mezzanine, we adjusted the position of the teleporter Kelund to make more accessible.
  • Fixed a crash bug causing by tracking any of these quests: Composer's Apples, Cherry Chest, and Lifelike Authenticity.
  • Fixed: the Lucky Card icon next to mini-map was not showing up.
  • Fixed several cases where items would be missing the first time their container is opened:
    1. Items received in the mail.
    2. Items in crates/chests.
    3. Items in the shared vault.
  • Fixed: enhancement runes wouldn't show up after being added until the player zoned.
  • Improved some navigation for Skarn
  • Fixed some typos and spelling errors.
  • Added an icon for Fish Eggs
  • Fixed: In the quest that requires you to get indigo in Memorial Pond, the quest journal tells the player to get gold dust, which doesn't exist in game anymore.
  • We fixed the bug nodes in Mounds. There are now 5 additional nodes that are specific and give quest items for Blasio. Only these special nodes will help in the quests. All other nodes now have a 0% chance to drop the level 15 quest items.
  • Fixed: I am stuck in a hole, my location is at 267 107 111 in Pyrron Courtyard. I tried /unstick but it only left me in the same place.

Source: Originally posted by Tiberius, on the V&H Forum.

contributed by Hayley
Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:26 pm

I apologize about the delay but here is the update for 11/14.



  • This optimization should improve frame rates in areas around complex player-made voxel geometry and cave systems.

  • We've done a lot of behind the scenes work on Texture Atlasing.

  • This should resolve the issue with materials sometimes showing as dirt or something else entirely.

  • Textures that are closer to the camera are actually being displayed at a higher resolution.

  • This also fixed an issue that would sometimes result in a very long shutdown time.

  • PC's that are on the lower end of the Min Spec should see an improvement in performance when setting their Texture Quality to Low or Medium.

  • On the Development side, this opens the door for a significant increase in the number of materials we can use at any given time.


The first iteration of the keyword system is in! This system allows items and abilities to communicate with each other. This means that abilities will be marked with a keyword and items will have bonuses that apply only to abilities with the specified keyword.

Each ability on the already existing weapons has been marked with a damage type keyword that is reflective of its overall flavor. The keywords are as follows:

  • Soldier’s Blade is now Physical

  • Mercenary’s Staff is now Water

  • Slayer’s Bow is now Fire


There are several new temporary pieces of armor that are craftable for free on the Forge. These are gloves, helms (non-visible, sorry), and chest pieces. Helms and gloves are stat based items that grant base stats. Each chest piece has an associated helm and glove set.

Chest armors have major passive bonuses associated with them and many stats (some new). These bonuses can be keyword specific or generic and often times allow you to create a new style of play for yourself. The armors are as follows:

  • Battle-Forged Plate - Using a Physical Dash ability gives you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Health.

  • Barbed Armor - Opponents that deal damage to you are attacked back, taking (0.25 Offense + 5) damage. Can only be triggered every 1 second.

  • Blood-Soaked Leathers - While your Armor is at 0, your Critical Strike is increased by 100%.

  • Fiery Tunic - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Fire abilities, but Fire spells cost 20% more energy.

  • Cloak of Quickness - Decreases your cool downs by 30%, but lowers your Offense by 15%.

  • Frost Coat - Each time you damage a Frozen or Snared opponent with a Water ability, they take an additional (0.05 * Offense) damage.

  • Pursuit of Power - You gain 10% Armor Steal, but your Armor is reduced by 20%.

  • Soldier’s Breastplate - Increases Offense by 55 when you are below 25% Health.

  • Slayer’s Vest - Increases Critical Strike by 200 when wearer is at full health.

  • Mercenary’s Robe - Scoring a critical strike instantly heals 25% of your maximum Energy. Can only be triggered every 2 seconds.


There are also many new accessories available on the Outfitter’s Table. These accessories are created to support the play styles that the weapons have and the play style changes that the armors promote.

The accessories are as follows:

  • Reinforcing Charm - Incoming Physical Armor heals also restore an additional 2%of your Health. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.

  • Ring of Shielding - Scoring a critical strike grants you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Armor.

  • Liquid Iron Orb – Fire projectiles deal (Offense * 0.09) additional damage every 0.5 second over a 1 second period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.

  • Band of Flame - Fire attacks deal (Offense * 0.12) additional damage in a 5 meter radius around the target. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.

  • Crystal-Shard Earrings - Water abilities lower the cool down of your abilities by 0.2 seconds.

  • Sigil of Piercing Cold - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Water abilities.

  • Earrings of Precision – Your Offense is increased by 8% while using projectile abilities.

  • Excruciating Anklet - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using damage over time abilities.

  • Ring of Crushing Might - Physical attacks cause your target to bleed, dealing (Offense * 0.06) additional damage every 0.5 second over a 1.5 second period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.

Please check these out, test the different combinations and let us know what you think!

Flight on Claims

  • You can now fly on your claim, or any claim you have permission on! To enable flight, head to the Workshop and craft the “Builder’s Bauble of Flight.”

  • Click the item to activate Flight. While activated, you can use Space Bar to ascend, and X to descend.

Claim Expansion

  • We've increased the number of expansion claims you can have, from 5 to 8.

Notification Window

  • There is now a Notification Window that compiles all of your notifications (mail, upkeep reminders, etc.)

  • More important notifications (PVP Queues, etc) will still pop up in bottom right hand corner, in order to increase visibility


Festive Props

  • The holidays are approaching, so we thought you might like some decorations for your claim!

Ogre Doors

Added two new Ogre Props for your Workshop builds:

  • Intricate Wood Door (Left and Right)

  • Intricate Copper Banded Door (Left and Right)

  • Miscellaneous signs

  • Construction Sign

  • Stop Sign

  • Direction Sign


Modal Improvements

  • Added modal bars for prop placement / interaction.

  • Added button for Tilde (Change Mode)

  • Removed all of the tool hints from the right side, since the modal bar should cover all of those controls.

Bugs / Misc

  • Re-exported the icons for the Sci-Fi props to match their in-game tint.

  • Fixed an issue where the Grappling Hook location was too low when you grappled in.

  • Blocking and then unblocking another player from your Block list should now work correctly.

  • Added Control Hints on the map, on how to place Waypoints

  • The Halloween trophy should no longer flip when viewed at a different LOD.

  • Picking up a prop should no longer leave you in "Build Mode."

  • Pressing SHIFT with a Heroic Movement item equipped will no longer close all UI windows.


It is a difficult task to post news when one does not know all the facts, but news is news, and here are the facts as I know them.

First, the Spooky Town event in V&H will come to a close next week. The exact date that it will end has not been determined, but according to Sarah Otter at the V&H forum, we will be given a minimum of a 24 hour notice. When I have the exact date I will edit this article to include it. In the meantime, if there are tasks you still wish to accomplish in Spooky Town, be advised that time is short in which to do so.

Second, when Spooky Town closes, the Harvest Celebration will be installed in the same patch. Out with the old, and in with the new. So, what exactly is the Harvest Celebration? Well... the only thing I am free to share at this time is the screenshot at the beginning of this article. I will share details as soon as I am allowed to do so, but the most important detail to share at this time is that a new world event will be launching in V&H sometime next week. I regret that I must leave it as something of a mystery, but new events and content are always something to look forward to, and I am looking forward to being able to share what the folks at Mad Otter have in store for us... "coming soon."

Third, If you have been following the discussion at the V&H forum, there are some improvements in the works for Ranching. It has been insinuated that these changes would be implemented ASAP in a future patch. Could this perhaps be that patch? On this particular issue, you will know as soon as I do, but be assured that we will do our best to post any changes to Ranching should they come to pass.

Looking forward to an exciting week to come in Villagers and Heroes, and hope to see you there.


This just posted on the V&H Forum,

"Hi, Everyone,
If all goes well, the Harvest Patch will go live tomorrow (Wednesday at the latest.) So please consider this your 24 hour notice that Spooky Town will be leaving at that time. Thanks!"
~Sarah Otter

contributed by Brooke Emeraldflame
Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:18 am

Posted on the official Wizard101 site:

Evergreen Bundle available at GameStop!

New! Up to Level 100 Gear & Weapons Available
Now your Wizard can select gear and weapons up to Level 100 when you redeem the Evergreen Bundle. Get the most powerful gear options for your high level Wizards!

The Evergreen Bundle Includes
  • Botanical Gardens Estate with Aberrant Carnivorous Plant

  • Celestial Wolf Mount

  • Spirit of the Forest Pet

  • Evergreen Armor

  • Thornblade Weapon

  • 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns

contributed by Brooke Emeraldflame
Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:09 am

*DISCLAIMER: TEST REALM MAY OR MAY NOT STILL BE UP*Posted on the Official Wizard101 Site:

Welcome Back to the Test Realm!
This update adds four exciting new dungeons, powerful Shadow-Enhanced Spells, Equipment Sets to help you manage your gear, new Member benefits, Combat Idle, the new mini-game Catch a Key and more!

New Dungeons!

New challenges await you, throughout the Spiral! Four new dungeons are available to explore, full of mystery, exciting puzzles and epic rewards.

Wizards of Level 25 or higher should visit Sergeant Talbot in the Oasis of Krokotopia to help him find a missing member of an expedition, who was lost while on a mission to Mooshu.

Wizards of Level 40 or higher need to visit Private Kinchley in the Cathedral of Regent’s Square in Marleybone. The Spiral’s greatest detective, Sherlock Bones, needs your help to investigate a crisis in Barkingham Palace!


Wizards of Level 60 or higher will need to speak to Alhazred in the Balance Classroom at the Krokosphinx to assist with the delivery of a mysterious (and possibly dangerous) package.

The greatest of challenges await Wizards of Level 100. Dworgyn, in Nightside of Wizard City, will guide you in accepting the challenge of a great (and familiar) foe within Castle Darkmoor!


As always, Members will have access to these dungeons as part of their Membership benefit.

Crowns players can choose to rent a single dungeon for six hours, or purchase that single dungeon and own it forever on that account. The six hour zone rental is priced at 495 Crowns per Dungeon.

The Crowns prices for these areas are as follows:
  • Level 25, Shangri-Baa: 1,245 Crowns

  • Level 40, Barkingham Palace: 1,745

  • Level 60, House of Scales: 2,495

  • Level 100, Castle Darkmoor: 3,495

New Shadow-Enhanced Spells!

Wizards that have reached Level 100 and have completed the quest “Walpurgisnacht” within the Castle Darkmoor dungeon will learn a new spell for their School! These powerful new Shadow-Enhanced Spells cost a combination of 5 pips plus 1 Shadow pip to cast.

Storm School: Glowbug Squall attacks all targets for 1220 Storm Damage and removes all positive Charms.

Myth School: Mystic Colossus removes all Shields and attacks for 880 Myth Damage to all targets.

Balance School: Gaze of Fate attacks for 550 Balance Damage and 550 Random School Damage.

Death School: Call of Khrulhu attacks all targets for 1100 Health Drain.

Life School: Hungry Caterpillar attacks for 950-1150 Life Damage and applies 800 Damage Absorb to the caster.

Ice School: Abominable Weaver attacks for 950-1150 Ice Damage and applies a -75% Damage Shield to the caster.

Fire School: Fire From Above attacks for 1100-1300 Fire Damage and applies 3 +25% Damage Traps to the target.


Equipment Sets!

Changing your gear for questing, boss battles, pvp or even pet training just got easier! The new Equipment Sets feature allows you to save and quickly switch between sets of equipped items.

  • To create an Equipment Set, equip the gear that you’d like to be a part of the set and click on the new “Equipment Sets” button at the bottom of your backpack window.

  • Choose “Create New” to create a new set using the items you are currently wearing. Name the set from a list of pre-made options and click “OK” to save.

  • Equipment Sets save your Hat, Robe, Boots, Wand, Athame, Amulet, Ring, Deck and Pet. Mounts are not saved in your Equipment Set.

  • You can save up to nine Equipment Sets.

  • To switch between your sets, open the Equipment Sets window and double click the set you’d like to wear or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + 1-9) associated with the set.

  • To delete an Equipment Set, just click “Remove Set,” and it will be removed from the list, while all the items still remain in your backpack. If you delete or sell an item that is currently in use in one of your Equipment Sets, the set will be removed from your list.


Member Benefits!

There are now additional benefits to being a Member of Wizard101! Members have access to new, exclusive emotes, a larger friends list of up to 150 and a larger backpack that holds up to 150 items. We’ll also be trying out some additional, limited-time surprise benefits for members!

Combat Idle!

If a player does not choose to cast a spell or pass in battle for 2 rounds, they will be considered idle. The 30 second countdown timer will not wait for idle players and will automatically pass their turn. Idle players will not be able to choose an action in combat until they choose to return to battle in the pop-up window.


Catch a Key!

Silver Chests across the Spiral will have a new mini-game that you can play to unlock them! When you open the chest you may either get to play Shock a Lock or the new game, Catch a Key. For Test Realm, all Silver Chests will play Catch a Key, so you can try out the new game!


Image Image

Books for the quest “Library Dues” in Wizard City are now consistently named.

The main story quest “Down the Crazy River” in Zafaria can no longer be declined.

The Quest arrow will point to the proper location for the quests “Teeth of the Shark” in Celestia and “A Test of Metal” in Marleybone.

Icons for Inactive Protectors will now appear on the map for the quest “Star Cores” in Celestia.

Fairy Cages for the quest “Freedom” in Wizard City will appear on the map.

Wizards will no longer be pulled into combat while talking to King Thermidor during the quest “The King of Rock” in Wizard City.

The Soul Scavenger boss will no longer reappear after defeat.

Players will no longer get a dungeon exit warning when leaving the area after defeating Nirini Champion for the quest “Secret Idol” or after defeating Pike Spiritcrusher for the quest “Activate Them!”

Players will be automatically offered the mainline quest "Billy Brute" when they've completed the mainline quest "Two Heads are Better" in Avalon.

Otomo Soldiers for the quest Birds of a Feather will now cast Ice School spells.


The following Spells have been improved:
  • Lord of Night will attack for 440 Health Drain and apply -25% to the next Incoming Heal.

  • Brimstone Revenant will attack for 470 Fire Damage and apply a +25% Fire Trap.

  • Handsome Fomori will attack for 450 – 530 Ice Damage and apply -25% Accuracy.

  • Luminous Weaver will attack for 370 Life Damage and apply -25% Weakness.

  • Keeper of Sacred Flame will attack for 400 Myth Damage and apply +25% Myth Trap.

  • Catalan will attack for 700 Storm damage and apply -25% Accuracy.

Backlash will properly clear when leaving Shrike form.

The Water Efreet card will now properly display the negative percentage to an outgoing damage spell.


Several new wallpaper and floor patterns have been added to housing vendors throughout the Spiral.

Music Players will now show visitors the name of the currently playing Music Scroll.

Aquariums will now display for visitors the name of the fish inside.

Mannequins will now display for visitors the name of the hat, robe and boots equipped.

Gardening plants will now count toward the 50 item minimum for a house to be added to Castle Tours.

Additional phrases have been added to housing signs.

Multiples of the same items in the Housing Attic will be stacked and can be moved between the Attic and Backpack in groups.

Teleport Tapestries placed on the second floor of the Red Barn Farm will now function properly.

The Celestial Observatory will no longer display a Quick Sell icon, because it cannot be Quick Sold.

Housing items that are purchased with Arena Tickets will display an Arena Ticket icon while in the Backpack and Attic.

Stitched Wands will show a preview when placing in a house.

Using the Magic Mirror to teleport to the arena in the Winter Wind Tower will no longer cause the player to be removed from the house.

Roaming Mounts on the first floor of a house made from Castle Blocks will no longer jump to the second floor.


Make use of your extra fish with new Mega Snack crafting recipes across the Spiral. Visit Clarence Cavendish in Celestia, Darina Bloodflame in Dragonspyre, Desmond Fanshawe in Marleybone, Frode Silverscale and Hamund Vittlecrafter in Grizzleheim, Jackie Whisperflame in Wizard City, Shazz’am in Krokotopia or Yachi in MooShu to get started!

Furniture can now be crafted at either the Basic Crafting station or the Housing Crafting Station. Aubert Quickhammer will now have a Housing Crafting Table for sale.

Eudora Tangletree now has recipes for dorm furniture including: Exquisite Desk, Padded Stool, Royal Bed and Stained End Table.


Recipe for the Tapestry to the School of Balance has been moved to Wul’yahm and cannot be purchased until the player has access to Krokotopia.

Visit the new recipe vendor Petunia Florbund in the Reagent and Housing shop in Wysteria to learn the recipe for the Tapestry to Pigswick Academy.

Eudora Tangletree and Padraig have additional Teleport Tapestry Recipes for sale.

Fishing! Image

The Angler’s Tome now shows the total number of fish that you’ve caught. Click the button at the lower right to see more information!

You will now be able to see when someone near you gains a Fishing level.

Wizards who catch 2500 total fish will get a badge in honor of their accomplished angling.

Image Image Image

The Gardening button background will be yellow if plants in your area have pests or needs and red if at least one plant in the area is wilted.

Need protection and Pest protection spells can be used at the same time. A list of all protection Spells is shown when viewing the plant.

Seeds can now be locked! When locked, Seeds can’t be sold, trashed, fed to a pet, planted or used in recipes.


The Angora Bunny plants will no longer shy away from players but will turn to face you and greet you with their toothy smile.

Placing a pot after casting a soil spell will no longer cause the soil spell to be cast again. 48 Hour Gardening Spells that prevent needs will persist for the full 48 Hours, even if the plant ages.

Second Spring will only cost 1 energy if cast on a plant or in an area in which it will not have an effect.


Tennant Wastelander in the Pavilion Pet Shop now has a Fire Elf and Cyclops pet for sale.

Zeke now has additional 1-Day Rental Mounts available for sale.

Polymorph Treasure Cards can now be sold and put into your Shared Bank.

The character inspection window will now show Shadow Magic Damage, Resistance, Accuracy, Armor Piercing and Shadow Pip Bonus percentages.

Items in the Bazaar are now sorted in alphabetical order, except Pet Snacks, which are sorted by rank.

Castle Blocks now have a category in the Bazaar.

Additional Wait and Team Up related phrases have been added to Menu Chat.

When opening the Crown Shop, only the first recommended item on each tab will appear as selected.

Players who receive a beneficial charm by Wizards holding the Mystic Grimoire will no longer appear to have been struck by the Wizard who cast the spell.

Armor Piercing bonuses will appear correctly on cards for all schools in Quick Match PVP Tournaments.

Players will no longer have to re-select their spell during combat if another player purchases a Henchman.


Players in combat will no longer turn to face other players who are learning a spell.

Players will now properly show the casting animation of their next spell after being hit by Tempest.

Many wands will now display the appropriate equipment icon during furniture placement in houses.

A Refresh button has been added to the list of Housing Games.

Stop and Record buttons remain visible while recording after pressing the Metronome button on musical instruments.

The Team Up display countdown timer will display the correct amount of remaining time after closing the pop-up box.

The Viridian Scepter now uses the wand spell casting animation.

The Scepter of the Lost Lore and the Cloudberry Staff now use the staff spell casting animation.

The Umbra Blade will now use the sword spell casting animation.

All levels of the Dragonbite Bow, Primordial Axe and Hawk Rider’s Claymore will now use the same spell casting animation.


Players’ weapons are now visible in their hands while wearing the Renaissance Wings.

When casting the pet version of the Avenging Fossil spell, the pet will perform the spell casting animation instead of the Wizard.

Players using Transformations will properly change into Shadow Shrike form when using the Shadow Shrike spell.

The Nighttide Torment Top Hat and Harrowed Bones pet now display the proper icon.

The Nighttide Torment Top Hat and beret style hats will no longer hide the Wizard’s hair.

Locked items in the Backpack will not remain locked if the Backpack Item Lock option is disabled.

The “Ruler of the Jungle” badge now properly displays a lion icon.

Several Crafted boots from Khrysalis will no longer appear red.

Various spelling errors throughout the Spiral have been corrected.

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